Why Proactive Producers

"We are unique in North Eastern Saskatchewan in that we are a long ways from our markets and we have a very short growing season. With my management accountant background I am continually doing a SWOT analysis for farming in general in our area which means analyzing our strengths, weaknesses, our opportunities and our threats. And we seem to have a lot more weakness and threats than we do strengths and opportunities!  So with Proactive Producers, what I am trying to do is develop our strengths and develop our opportunities, while at the same time mitigating... lessening our weaknesses and our threats.


I really believe that we grow a few products probably better than most other places in the world.  The largest is canola but also oats...and the one that we are developing right now is faba (or fava) beans.   So with Proactive Producers, I named the company particularly because I believe that farmers as a group do need to be proactive, they need to look at our SWOT analysis and look ahead to say 'Ok, how can we develop our strengths and how can we take advantage of opportunities that are either there, or we need to work harder to create those opportunities'.


Now I am all about creating win/win scenarios.  I want to see our farmers get optimal prices for their product, but I also want to work with those on the buyer side, whether it is other Brokers or whether it is end users to say “How can we provide you with what you're looking for?  How can we do a better job serving you?  How can we grow and ship and provide a service that is going to be very beneficial to you?”  Too often I see in business that everybody is looking out just for themselves, which is natural and I understand, but I believe that we can provide a situation where both sides can win. And that's really what Proactive Producers is all about.  I am trying to help farmers  produce crops and find markets that will be profitable.  I also work to develop markets and work with buyers on the other side where they can feel very happy that they work with us and that we are providing a product and the services that helps them be profitable and successful."


Brad Goudy